A student-run entrepreneurship-themed hackathon for aspiring coders and entrepreneurs.

* If you are interested in signing up for QuestHacks, please sign up using the Google Form link here: https://forms.gle/iSto9HwSUDfefUrb7 *

QuestHacks is a 1-day entrepreneurship-themed hackathon event hosted at Valley Christian High School. 

Our team consists of high school students who are both passionate about coding and entrepreneurship. We want to share our experiences and to help foster the connections between high school coders in the Bay Area at QuestHacks.

Our mission is to provide aspiring coders and entrepreneurs with better opportunities, so they can take their project to the next level. We also want to provide the necessary skills in entrepreneurship and coding to succeed and thrive in their futures.

Event Schedule:

QuestHacks includes workshops, speaker events, and judging in a 12 hour event. We also provide 3 meals for all hackathon participants.

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  • You must be a high school student to attend QuestHacks.
  • You must have signed up online prior to the start of the event.
  • You must have signed the code of conduct.


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Judging Criteria

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